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Quais os seus canais preferidos da TV a cabo?


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Vinicius Maux

VH1(South Park), Comedy Central(South Park, Happy Tree Friends, Comedy Central Presents) MTV(Comédia MTV, Acesso MTV, TOP 10 MTV), Warner Channel(The Big Bang Theory, Two and Half Man), SporTV, Tooncast, Nickelodeon (Nick at Nite), Cartoon Network(Chaves, Chapolin), Disney Channel(Good Lucky Charlie, Phineas and Ferb, Shake it Up).

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Warner Channel,Nickelodeon,Cartoon Network),Disney Channel, Space, Megapix, Telecine (Premium,Action,Touch,Pipoca,Fun,Cult), Cinemax, TCM, Disney XD, Fox, FX, AXN.

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Bruce Dubber



TCM(Turning Classic Movies), Mega Pix, Toon Cast e...hum.....TBS

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